A History of Tradition

Sukiyaki is made-up of people who treat you like family because that’s how much we care.  The passion is in our food and our service – never compromised and always done with respect. Wherever you may be across Canada, you can find comfort in Sukiyaki’s cuisine.  

Our secret is in our sauce – painstakingly developed and carefully simmered.  All of our dishes are freshly prepared for our customers.  Our menu now also includes several popular Japanese street-style food, such as ramen noodles and Japanese curry dishes.


Sukiyaki specializes in the preparation of freshly-made, flavorful, healthy, simple and authentic Japanese comfort foods. Sukiyaki is a smart, hard-working and respectful company that is made-up of people who know that good ingredients are the key to good food and who are dedicated to sharing their culture and family traditions with their loyal customers.



Sukiyaki is a division of MTY Group Inc.
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